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VertueBox has been featured in Glamour, Thrive, Veggie life, Green parent, Natural health & wellbeing and Elux magazines and won the Good brand award from Sublime magazine, Recently named one of the top rated ethical subscription boxes and are proud members of the Royal Beauty Manifest. 


A little about VertueBox



Live Green. Live Good.

A clean, green, cruelty-free, award winning, vegan friendly health and beauty subscription box company with an online store. We source products that are 100% natural and organic from around the world,featuring hair care, skincare, bath, super foods and aromatherapy. Our subscriptions are available on a bi-monthly cycle as well as  pre-pay options of 6 months or 12 months at a discounted rate, each one containing a different theme and selected favourite products can be purchased from our online shop. The Vertue team endeavour to maintain quality luxury products, whilst preserving the natural beauty of nature. 

Meet our team

Charlotte-Anne Whelpdale LTTS


Kim Whelpdale PSYCH

Managing Director


Company mascot

We are....

100% dedicated to providing a better lifestyle and service for our customers, we believe that our planet and everything in it is beautiful and should stay that way, real beauty is always natural

About Charlotte....

Originally starting out as a hairdresser she travelled the world,it was on her travels that she learned the importance of adapting to varying lifestyles and the benefits of a plant based life. Upon her return to the UK she persued a degree in Trichology, the health and science of the hair and scalp, studying the varying conditions she quickly realized her passion for helping people and wanted to find  more natural remedies to aid varying ailments, she successfully created, trialed and retailed her own products for thinning hair  in central America using natural ingredients. A lifelong supporter of varying animal and environmental charities,it became an obvious choice to be part of a company that held the core values of a healthy body using only natural and organic ingredients  whilst combing the experience and knowledge of science based herbology. 

About Kim...

A fully qualified Psychotherapist,Kim specialises in  the well-being of the mind, she believes in a well balanced holistic approach by focusing on positive mental, physical and personal environmental health to achieve total harmony from within. Having a relaxed mind-set  begins the journey of a proven longer and healthier lifestyle ,Kim supports multiple charities that support mental health as well as animal sanctuaries, devoted to preserving our planet for future generations Kim is a life long vegan dedicated to educating individuals on the importance of a healthy mind means a healthy body.

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