June Box 'Skin Deep'

What's in the box

This year's June box was brimming with intensely moisturising luxurious products from high quality boutique brands, this summer we  introduced an abundance of love for the skin that was described as "pure silk in a box" by one very happy customer, and curated to keep every inch of the body silky smooth and hydrated, whilst protecting from the harsh UV rays of the sun that dries and ages the
Fair Squared- Lime foot refresher RRP £7.99
A real tonic for your feet with Citrus oils that have a cooling, revitalizing effect preventing odours. Regular use softens hardened skin and is made With argan oil from Morocco and Fairtrade limes from Brazil
Forsters- Natural black pumice stone RRP £4.50
Achieve gorgeous soft smooth feet with the Forsters Pumice Stone, that effectively removes hard and rough skin from soles of the feet, heels, elbows or knees leaving skin feeling soft whilst Preventing skin from cracking and becoming sore
Trulips- Spearmint Lip balm RRP £3.50
TRULIPS SPEARMINT. Vegan, cruelty free, plant based, natural, handmade, nourishing, long lasting, absorbent lip balm made with  Mango, Coconut, Almond, Wax, Vitamin e, Spearmint for the coolest of lips
Divine and Handmade- Green Tea Body Scrub RRP £9.90
Gorgeous green tea body scrub; A proven combination of cane sugar and magnesium salt that works deep into the skin to mineralize and provide the ingredients needed to nourish and soften your skin. Green Tea is bursting with antioxidants and has additional antibacterial properties. Contains Macadamia oil to help reduce stress and Jojoba oil which to help prevent premature skin ageing.
Louvi- Unrefined Shea Butter RRP £5.50
Completely raw, leaving all of it's natural vitamins intact.  Contains high amounts of Vitamin A,  improving various skin conditions such as blemishes, stretch marks, eczema and dermatitis. Also contains Vitamin E, which has been described as having anti-aging, anti-free radical agent and having a positive effect on microcirculation within the skin.

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