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August Box 'Woodland Features'

What's in the Box
Woodland features box was curated with our beautiful natural forests in mind, each product was specifically chosen to bring you the aromas of the great outdoors, combining woody fragrances and fresh air scents to relieve stress whilst soothing the mind and body. There are lots of plants, minerals and natural earthbound ingredients just waiting to be discovered in the woods and the VertueBox team have wrapped up some of the best brands and products for you to have your own tranquil forest at home.

SOil- Organic Rollerball Remedy Relief RRP £4.70
MADARA- Plant Stem Cell Sun Cream RRP £29
Konjac Sponge Company- Pore Refiner RRP £6.99
Ben & Anna- Nordic Timber Natural Deodorant stick RRP £9.95
Luna and Luxe- Forest Bathing Aromatherapy Spray RRP £12.99
Kiki Health- Organic Moringa Leaf Powder RRP £9.99