How is VertueBox sustainable?

Here at VertueBox we ensure that all of our partners carry an environmental and ethical standard, guaranteeing minimal to zero waste production of packaging and products thus lowering our environmental footprint. Since the invention of plastic in the 1950’s it has been piling up around the world, having a negative impact on our ecosystem, it can take hundreds of years for plastic to decompose, with its average use being only 10 minutes and with there being so many different types of plastic most recycling programs are only effective on around 9% of what's produced, only 12% is actually completely destroyed by incineration, which means that a staggering 79% is left to languish around our planet, harming our animal and plant life.

We source all our materials, packaging, stationary and office supplies from manufacturers that use local resources. We research every company that we partner with ensuring they practice sustainable and ethical business practices, meaning we only use materials that are zero-waste, recyclable or reusable within our business.

Our products
The products we select are from small businesses where the owners are very much involved in the manufacturing process, enabling them and us to know exactly where their product ingredients are sourced and the process in which they are made. How the product is packaged is also a fundamental part of the process, containers are usually glass with aluminium lids, where plastic containers are used by some suppliers, these are only already recycled or reused. This enables us to support small, local businesses and fair trade practices. VertueBox has also begun developing its own line of products, which follow the same standards, sourcing our materials and ingredients from registered ethical suppliers.

Charity work
We love supporting charities that aim to combat environmental and animal welfare issues, we often attend events where we can show our support and donate a portion of our sales.

How are VertueBox products ethical?
Our core values are to ensure that we only use products that are cruelty-free, vegan friendly, palm oil free and non-toxic. We check that this criteria is met with every product we sell.