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Innermost The Health One 40g

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Our vegan superfood protein blend crafted to help you rejuvenate, detox and feel brighter all round.
Complete Vegan Protein (Pea + Brown Rice) is the building block of muscle, bone, skin, hair and nails, and can help with lean muscle gain and fat loss.
Glutamine (3g) to support the immune system and keep you ticking over.
Shiitake (500mg), Maitake (500mg), Reishi (500mg), Cordyceps (500mg) are Japanese mushrooms used for millenia for immunity and well-being.
Bilberries (250mg) are rich in antioxidants and resveratrol touted to aid endurance, cardiac function, well-being and muscle development.
Camu Camu (250mg) for the highest natural source of Vitamin C.
Acai Berries (250mg) for the resveratrol and fatty acids for anti-ageing.
Enjoy as a post-workout recovery aid, pre-workout energy boost or simply as a healthy and nutritious drink. Recommended for adults over the age of 18 only.