Siskyn Elixir Lemon & Sea Buckthorn Brightening Night Oil 10ml-Skin care-Vertuebox

Siskyn Elixir Lemon & Sea Buckthorn Brightening Night Oil 10ml

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Regret nothing....apart from not wearing sunscreen. Why didn't we listen ! We grew up in sunny Cornwall, need we say more. But don't worry, our unique brightening elixir will help fade that regret. Containing the incredible vitamin k rich seabuckthorn to help fade skin discolouration and potent carrot seed which, by supporting melanin production, fights any new damage. Antioxidant rich wheatgerm fights free radicals, ultra nourishing pomegranate helps regenerate cells and citrus lemon brightens dark pigmentation. With the added benefit of highly penetrative meadowfoam to help carry all that goodness deep into the skins epidermis. This powerful night elixir will get to work on erasing the remnants of past holidays while you dream of new ones.