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Moroccan Rose Clay Mask


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Product Description

An intensive radiance boosting treatment to restore vital moisture levels, soften, brighten, plump the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines with French Pink Clay, Moroccan Rose petals, crushed pure Seawater Pearls, Gotu Kola and Acai Berries. Jar 30g for mature, dry, normal, sun damaged skin. WHAT CAN THIS CLAY MASK DO FOR YOUR SKIN? Deep cleanses by drawing impurity from the skin Purifies Shrinks skin pores Tightens and tones skin Mildly exfoliates Calms redness Soothes and promotes healing Smoothes and softens the complexion Hydrates and moisturises Reduces the appearance of clogged pores with regular use Increases circulation and blood flow reducing facial puffiness Promotes a brighter, more radiant and youthful complexion HOW TO USE IT? For best results Apply the mask once a week immediately after cleansing. Mix 2 tsp of clay mask to 1 tsp of spring or filtered water, never use tap water. Mix them together until you achieve a yogurt like consistency. Apply the mask. Once it begins to dry around the edges of the face but is still damp on cheeks and forehead this is the perfect moment to remove the mask with a muslin cloth and warm water. If you leave a clay mask to dry completely on your skin the moisture will be drawn back from the surface of the skin causing dehydration. PLEASE NOTE: Never use a metal bowl/utensils to mix clays. The metal destroys the effectiveness by removing the charged nature of the clay INGREDIENTS: French pink clay, Crushed pearls, Rose petals, Gotu Kola*, Acai berries*, Frankincense. Organically produced*

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